Appointments and Stuff!

Haven’t updated for a few days, sorry about that. Right, so what’s been going on?

Friday I had my PET/CT scan. This basically involved me being injected with some radioactive sugar, sitting in a darkened room for an hour and a half, and then lying on a bench which moved and scanned me from head to foot. It looked something like this:

The idea is that the sugar is absorbed by the cancer cells and shows up bright yellow on the scan. After the scan, I wasn’t allowed to be around pregnant women or under 16’s for 8 hours, so ended up staying the night at my friend Nick’s house. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything other than water for the 6 hours leading up to the scan, which meant nothing from 8am. Obviously, if  Jake allows it, I sleep in, so I didn’t eat breakfast that morning. They were then running 45 mins late, so we didn’t leave til nearly 5pm! I was STARVING!!

Saturday, as you know involved me getting my haircut. My hairdresser was lovely, and I love my new cut, just hate what it represents. He was a sweetie, and wouldn’t let Neil pay for my haircut. That was really not expected.

Monday was yet another appointment, this time at the fertility clinic to chat to someone about freezing some embryo’s.  The chemo that I will be having only poses a small risk of infertility, but a risk I didn’t really want to take. The long and short of it is, it would take 5 weeks, and cost in the region of £3000 as we already have a baby. We didn’t make any decisions there as I wanted to speak to my haematologist (who shall now be known as Fiona!) first in regards to whether we could wait that long before starting treatment.

Tuesday was an appointment with Fiona. I was weighed AGAIN. Had bloods done AGAIN. Fiona had the results of my scan from Friday and showed them to me. The good news is, it hasn’t spread to anywhere else. It is just the mass in my chest. The bad news is, it has grown since my last CT scan in December (don’t get me started – if it’s grown since December, imagine how much it’s grown since I originally went to the docs in August!). By looking at my scan, she was able to stage me as 4a. This is because there is slight lung infiltration. The worst is can be is 4b. Yeah, so not great actually, but still a really good prognosis, and I shall keep focussed on that. The difference between a and b is the lack of symptoms. Because I don’t have fevers, night sweats or unexplained weight loss of 10% or more over the last 6 months, I’m classed as an a. This is just as relevant as what stage I’m at.

Because of the stage I’m at, we decided that it was best not to wait the 5 weeks it would take to freeze some embryo’s, and my chemo is now due to start next Wednesday, 24th Feb. I can’t say I’m not nervous, but I’m still not really sure how I feel about the whole thing. It’s still not really real in my head.

Tomorrow brings wig shopping with Neil and his mum, and a wedding of two very good friends of mine.

This may sound like a weird question. Chemo photo’s? Yes or no?


7 responses to “Appointments and Stuff!

  • Rach

    Upto you babe, it is your blog & what you feel that matters 🙂 I don’t think any of us will be offended.

    Also can’t believe you are at stage4…. idiots! You should sue them for neglect xx

  • Pippa Instan

    Well, firstly, I want to say how impressed I am of your attitude and determination to ‘kick cancers ass!’
    I think that if you are comfortable enough to show photos and put up details of your treatment and appointments it would be a great idea, that way we can all be educated, and understand better what you and so many have to go through to beat this!
    Like I’ve mentioned before I will be over to see you at some point but I have had/got some bugs and viruses at the moment and as I understand it the last thing you need is to have a friend kindly share her bugs with you whilst your immune system takes a battering!
    Thinking of you as always, keep up the posts!

    Pip xx

  • MoodyCow...


    Your a really brave woman!…I’m proud to be a mate!…

    You should kick the butt of the docs that poo hooo’d you!…

    Great blog…and like the other ladies said…see how you are feeling about pictures! Its your blog! We’re all here to offer support and love!!…My mom said youll have a great time with all the wigs at Will’s!…so many to choose from!…the weird and wonderful to the normal and subdued!!…she sends her love too… A

  • DarrylH

    Roz – you are amazing – to attempt to document what you are going through, and putting your thoughts and worries out there for the world to see takes a lot of guts.

    I lost one of my best friends to cancer a few years ago (not the same as yours), and reading this has brought back all the memories and a couple of tears. But you have my utmost respect, and yes, you are brave.

    My hopes are with you.

  • Celeste

    Hi Roz,
    It’s Cel from gurgle. Sorry to hear the diagnosis ended up as cancer, but as I told you before you can get through this. Don’t let it beat you…
    I can imagine your shit scared of the chemo… I never had chemo just radiotherapy and surgery, so I can’t quite say I know what you’re going through, but I guess the worries and thoughts stay the say. Its up to you how you get on with the chemo photos. You’re probably gonna feel like shit (excuse the language) and the last thing you want is to document that, but then again, in a few months or years this may be just what you want to see… “I was at this point and I made it!” You’ve got a good attitude, but I do know that it’s not always this easy to be optimistic. Keep ur chin up. If you’re ever stuck, want a chat etc.. remember I’m in Birmingham, too.

    Lots of love, strenght, and courage. xxx

  • Helen

    Hiya sweetie,
    you know how i tell you that you are one of the most brave and beuatiful women i have ever met and I still stand by that xxx If you feel you want to document photos of your chemo then you do that hun xxx this is YOUR blog and the chemo will be a major factor in your recovery xxx I agree with all the others xxx see how you feel and remember that we all stand by you whatever you do (as long as it doesnt involve you wearing a blue n white wig and becoming a Sheffield Wednesday fan ;oP) xxx
    All My Love

    (ps Laney sends HUGE kisses for you)

  • Harryjsmummy

    Love you x

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