Late Night Ramblings

It’s far too late to be uploading photo’s etc, but fear not, I shall put pictures of wig shopping up soon. I was very impressed with the whole experience though. More about that another time.

For now…..

Things I am looking forward to

  • Not having a horrible cough any more
  • No more shoulder pain
  • No more itchiness
  • Having a glass of wine and not being in pain
  • Jake turning one on May 22nd
  • Race for Life on June 13th
  • Chris and Kelly’s wedding in August, at which point chemo should be over and I should be cancer free!!
  • An evening at the Pudding Club with Billi and Nic
  • A getaway in Devon in December

Things I have bought….

  • An ultrasoft toothbrush for when I have poorly gums
  • An eyebrow pencil for when I have none
  • Some funky headwear
  • Comfy “chemo clothes”
  • Vaseline for when I get cracked lips
  • A wig (technically I didn’t buy this, I got it free on the NHS)

Things I still need to buy

  • False eyelashes
  • More funky headwear
  • Lemon squash (I’ve read it helps with sickness)
  • Loads of other things I’ve probably forgotten!!

2 responses to “Late Night Ramblings

  • Harryjsmummy

    I’ll hav to show u pics of ny friend in her wig. Ud never know. And I buy false eyelashes on eBay trays of 10 n they fo natural looking ones n glue too… I just bought 40pairs for about £4 they’re sposed to b for makeup artists 🙂 I actually find em better than ones u buy from shops. More hard wearin can use em a few times. They’ve become a complete addiction lol xx

  • Kelly

    We can’t wait for you to be at our wedding either! It’s good to think it will all be over by then-we’re buying 30 bottles of wine (for 60 guests), so hopefully you’ll be drinking alcohol again!! We’ll be counting on you ;-). Also I heard that ginger helps with sickness, you can get some scented candles (I think yankee
    candle do them?). Might be worth a look!


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