“The Good Cancer”

So many people say that Hodgkin’s is “The Good Cancer”, and yes, sometimes, I’m one of those people. But other times I couldn’t disagree more. No cancer is “good” cancer. No one wants cancer. Yes, Hodgkin’s is the most curable form of cancer, but it doesn’t mean I want it. Left untreated, it would still kill me. Quite how I feel about that, I still don’t know.

I will quite openly admit that when I see people’s statuses on Facebook about how they’re poorly or that they’ve had a bad week or that they aren’t having the attention from guys that they want , it does annoy me. It also annoys me when people add me as a friend, knowing what I’m going through and don’t even say hello, urm, excuse me, YOU added ME!! And it shouldn’t. I shouldn’t expect people to watch what they say for risk of offending me. I think I’m getting less tolerant of people with attitude problems though!

On a positive note, I am SO grateful to everyone that has sponsored me so far for Race for Life (you can still do that by the way, click on the link in the top left corner!) and helped me raise £220 for Cancer Research. I’m also really touched that some friends that I haven’t seen since school have also signed up to do Race for Life too!

Tomorrow brings more blood tests, in readiness for Wednesday’s chemo. My cough is SO much better than it was before my first treatment. That makes me feel really positive that the chemo is working. I know it’s not always going to be this easy, and that I’ve been really lucky to feel this well after treatment, but for now, I’m glad. I guess we’ll see what this week brings!


4 responses to ““The Good Cancer”

  • Sarah

    I’m not usually one to moan (unless it’s my girls not sleeping!!) about my problems because they are just the normal problems in life. Yeah, last year was crap and had some bad things to deal with which I don’t wish to mention here but lets just say the pain and guilt (on my partners behalf) will be on going and full of what if’s. You totally have the right attitude Roz which will help with your fight. I can understand your anger with other people. My motto is ‘cease the day’ people spend far too much time moaning. If you take a step back we all have huge positives in our lives how ever bad things may seem xx

  • Celeste

    HI hun,
    glad to hear you’re kicking cancers arse and feeling good and strong about it. That’s the spirit! Time will fly and in no time you’ll be better.
    As for people with attitude problems and constant moaners. You’ll always have those who moan for the sake of moaning and can’t appreciate anything. I think if cancer is sent to do anything, it’s to teach about what’s important in life. I know the cancer I had was no where near as bad as what you’re having to put up with, but I do understand what you mean. I found that I have a much more appreciative attitude towards things these days, am much more laid back about most things and in general dont take things too serious. Once you come out of this, you’ll come out of this on top, and although this is the shittiest thing to go through it’ll probably change the way you look at things forever. But for the better. I’m thinking of you, you know I’m practically around the corner if you need something let me know xx

  • Rach

    I openly admit I am a Facebook moaner, I used to be alot more than I am now. I always think there are more important things in life now though. You always hear about cancer but never expect someone you know to be diagnosed. Since your text I don’t really care much for little things anymore, I realise I also waste my time trying to please others all the time. Good friends are what matters (and my son!!) and there are a lot more other important things in life than my pathetic little everyday problems – like lack of sleep lol. I take each day as it comes, if it’s a good day – fab. If it’s turning into a bit of a bad day, I try and change it round. I’m glad you’re kicking its ass, you will do it too. When I have been paid I will definately sponsor you! Should also probably think about doing it myself too…!! xx

  • vesna

    Ha ha! I’m with you, Roz! People moaning on FB about the slightest inconvenience. Meanwhile, our days consisted of trips to the hospital for treatment, tests, emergencies, cold, temperatures, anemia, etc. Yet we kept a good attitude and didn’t moan about it. It seems the tougher the challenges, the more grateful we become. And the tougher we become!

    Oh, and watch out for those emotional vampires, too. I had friends who “moaned” on FB about their dear friend (me) having cancer. They did it just to get attention. I had to give them a piece of my mind. Part of my blog talks about emotional vampires. Some of my friends got the message once they read that chapter.

    Stay well!


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