Shasta is NOT My Friend!!

So, today, I figured I’d try on my new hair. I haven’t got it (it or her? She has a name, you know!) out the box since I brought it/her home. I tried it/her on this morning, and there was just one bit that stuck out that wouldn’t sit where it was supposed to. Had it been my actual hair, I would have punished it with the hair straighteners, but seeing as it/she is made of acryllic, I figured that wouldn’t be such a good idea. So it/she was put back on the stand, and my actual hair was that of the hat variety for the rest of the day.

Then, our friend came round tonight, so I tried it/her on again, so I could introduce said friend to Shasta. Neil and I messed about with it/her until it/she sat better than it/she did this morning, and the previous sticky out bit wasn’t as sticky outie any more.  Yay!

Until I sat, moved my head, as you do in general conversation and then got up and looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of a woman wearing a wig. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I obviously just haven’t got the knack of it yet, or maybe it’s because I still actually have some hair left, I don’t know. I think I’m going to take it (yes, it’s an it now!) back to the shop and ask them to teach me again.

Apart from that, I’ve had a really nice day today, seeing Chris and Kelly, and meeting the fabulous Oscar! Followed by more wedding chat with Kellie and Gary, and then a walk around the park with Frankie, Neil and Jake!

Can I also just say how lovely it is to hear from the wonderful Zuzula again, it made my day even more lovely 🙂


2 responses to “Shasta is NOT My Friend!!

  • Jacinta

    Hello there,
    Just wanted to drop in and say that I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I can relate to many of your ‘discussions’. My little sis was diagnosed with NSHL in September last year. She has just finished ABVD treatment and is going great. It took her 3 years to be diagnosed as she was misidagnosed as having ankylosing spondylitis in her spine, where her pain initially began. She was stage 4B and had a clean PET after 3 rounds of treatment. Her next PET is in April and we’re assuming that will also be clean. She has coped really well with treatment – you will too! She also has a wig – named Tatum. Tatum’s starting to look a bit ratty now, so Lyd will be getting another wig while her hair grows back. She lost most of her eyelashes and she hates that the most – you can’t hide it really well. Lyd was 29 when diagnosed. I will check in with you to see how you’re going – you’ll be amazed at how you find the strength to hang in there. I guess there is no other choice, you just have to. But don’t think you always have to have a smile on your face – some days will be crap! Those of us who have had experience (second hand experience in my case) understand the rollercoaster it is.
    All the best, kick cancer’s arse!

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