London Calling

Yesterday, me and Nick went to see The Lion King at the Lyceum in London. All I can say is that it was truly amazing, and if you get the chance, you really should go and watch it! It was nice to spend a day out of the house not doing something that consisted of a hospital appointment!

A few of my mummy friends and I are planning a trip to London in September, hopefully to see Legally Blonde.  Yay!!

Today, though, I actually just want to crawl under the duvet and stay there all day. The last two times I’ve had chemo, I’ve had really achy bones that don’t start until a few days after, and I almost forget about it, but then it comes back with a vengeance. It’s really hard to explain, but they ache, but it’s also like I don’t have to power to move them. Very strange sensation, and the only thing I can take is paracetamol, and only if I take my temperature first to make sure I haven’t got an infection.

In other news, even though I’m not part of the trial anymore, they are still going to honour their promise and do a PET scan after 2 cycles, so, in just over 2 weeks (I haven’t got a date yet, but know it’ll be after my next chemo!) I’ll be able to see just how much the tumour has shrunk. I know it has though, my cough is practically non existent now, before I started chemo, I could barely get through a sentence without coughing. I can sing along to the radio and everything now! And yesterday, I climbed all 193 steps at Covent Garden tube station. A moment of madness on my part, but still, I wouldn’t have even considered trying 6 weeks ago!

My hair is starting to come out. Slowly, but it’s definitely happening. I had me a little cry in the shower this morning. It won’t be long before I take the plunge and just shave it. It’s a good job that Shasta and I are getting on a bit better, isn’t it really?


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