Cycle 2 Complete

Yesterday was Cycle 2, treatment 2 – which means I am a third of the way through my treatment! Yay!

Treatment yesterday didn’t go exactly as planned. Literally, I was walking through the door to leave for chemo with my father-in-law and Jake all ready in his car seat, when the phone rang. Neil answered and handed the phone to me and told me it was the Haematology Day Unit. My first thought was that they were calling to tell me my white count was too low from my blood test the day before, but no. Apparently, pharmacy had run out of Vinblastine (the first drug they give me) so could I go in at 2pm instead on 11am. When I got there at 2, they still took about 20 minutes before they got me started, and then when she tried to get started, she tried to get the needle in my one arm, and couldn’t, so I ended up with 2 puncture wounds. For the first time yesterday, the Dacarbazine was really stinging when they put it through, so she had to slow my drip right down, and give me a heat pad. That is supposed to help and it expands the vein.

Nikki (one of my favourite nurses) did my chemo again yesterday. Last time she pre-warned me that at some point my white count would probably be too low, and that they would either have to postpone my treatment (but they don’t like doing that) or that they would prescribe me an injection to boost my white count.

Unfortunately, my white count is now pretty much non-existent at 0.6. Before I started chemo, it was 18 (too high, it should be between 4 and 11). Last time before treatment, it was 3. To go ahead with chemo, it needs to be at least 1. So, even though my count was low, they went ahead with treatment, but I have been prescribed a Neulasta injection to give myself tonight. I have to inject it into my tummy. Neil won’t do it for me because he is too squeamish and thinks he might faint!

Plus, because they were running late, and the day unit finishes at 5, and it usually takes around 4 hours, I had to trundle down to the Cancer Centre, drip still attached.

In other news, I have a PET scan booked for April 19th, and I get my results on the 20th. Send positive thoughts!!


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