The One Where I Whinge (For a Change!)

I guess that one thing having cancer has taught me, is who my real friends are, and who actually cares. There are some people who read this blog and care what I write. They read past the words, and actually try to understand how I feel and empathise. Then there are the ones that just read the actual words and decide they don’t like them, and because of that cease to care about me. They don’t ask about me any more, they don’t text, or call, or visit. And the thing is, the words is just an excuse, because even before the blog they didn’t care.

This is my blog. It tells the story of my experience, and whilst I’m aware that this is a public blog – I leave it that way as I hope that it can help others going through the same thing – it is still mine and I should be free to write what I want to. I’ve never made anyone read my blog, people choose to. The simple solution is, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. I have enough going on in my life without having to worry about whether I am offending anyone. The fact that you choose to ignore the point of the blog completely, focus on what you see as the negative bits and then gossip about it, says more about you than it does about me.

That is all.


6 responses to “The One Where I Whinge (For a Change!)

  • Em (& Teddy)

    Hi hon, just a lil note to say that i have read and continue to read your blog. I lost my big sister when i was 11 to cancer and have spent many years wondering how she felt..what went through her mind etc..things that i guess only someone else with cancer or such like would know. Your blog not only helps others going through what your facing, but also helps those close to you and people who have loved ones facing similar things. Its really helping me to understand what fears Lorraine may have had and what kept her strong on her low days.
    Anyway..(i always end up rambling lol) i know we dont know each other well but like i said before, im always here for a chat or just to compare notes on practical parenting lol.
    Thank you
    Em xxx

  • Rach

    oh dear 😦 well I may only have met you once (but spoken to you a lot more times lol) but you mean a lot to me, you helped me through trying to conceive, pregnancy and have continued to help me since having James. Who gives a stuff about those people?! I think it is good you can write this, I for one find it interesting (although horrible for you i can only imagine) and enjoy – as such – reading your blog. It is you and your feelings and I think it will do you and others good. We need to know how you feel and I hope that because of this blog we can understand more about you and cancer. I know nothing about cancer and chemo etc so it is nice to hear all about it and i’m so proud of you for kicking cancers ass one day at a time. I’m just sorry some people don’t feel the same. I love you lots & promise to talk to you more often :p xx

  • MoodyCow...

    I like reading your blog as it gives a incite into how we may help you through…your’e right those people are ignorant and need their butts kickin!!…you are an inspiration to us all!!…keep up the blog and let your thgts and feelings flow…we are all here to help and support you….lv lots…xxxx

  • Helen

    Babe you know how very proud i am to know you and what an inspiration you are xxx those that feel the need to try and pick you to pieces are really not worth the energy you use in your fingers to type xxx they are jealous of you, the strength you have to fight this and the amount of love and support you have from your family and many many friends which is something they clearly have none of xxx love ya lots sweetie pie xxx

  • vicci

    Hey chick, just to let you know how BLOODY proud I am of you.

    I could never imagine going through the things you have gone through in the last six months and are still going through. You are a little firecracker and theres NO WAY my mate is going to be beaten by this. For people to get so petty makes me think that maybe they have their own issues they need to address before idle gossip.

    Oh, and before I forget… if people don’t want you to swear…. send me the words and I’ll say/type them for you!

    Love ya xxxx

  • Celeste

    Hun, you’re right. Situations like this do show you who your true friends are and it also shows peoples true colours. I had it *no where near* as bad as you, as you know, but simply the C-word is enough for people to turn away and find comfort in their fake little perfect wanna-be worlds. Funny enough I’ve just had a conversation about something similar with my OH, and it’s really amazing how people think that on the surface they’ve got perfect lives and try and make others believe it, when actually everyone experiences shit, and has issues. Try and gain strenght from these experiences, as shit as they are and learn from it for the future. I’m 22 and I only have a handful of friends… go figure why, lol. When you come out of this you’ll probably only have a few friends left, but those who are still there, will stick around. Hope you’re ok and still kicking Cancers ass with high heels and all. Always here for a rant if you want one. Hugs,
    Cel x

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