Chrissy Barnwell – Come on Down!

I put a request out on my Facebook Fan Page for people to “guest post” on my blog. I want people to see that this horrible disease doesn’t just affect me, but how it affects the others around me.

In the first of these posts, I’d like us to give a warm welcome to my lovely sister in law…..

“Hi Roz fans, I’m Christine, Roz’s sister (in-laws technically, but not that it changes anything).

I’m going to be honest. From the moment Roz began to have pains in her shoulder last summer to November – I was of course concerned – but I assumed it was one of those things where your body does something wrong, the doctors fix it, and that’s that.

I babysat Jake on the day that Neil and Roz went for the results of her biopsy. He kept me occupied, I tried not to think of anything as my mind runs away with itself alot. When they came home, I could see that the news had not been brilliant, but i was not prepared in the slightest. The best I can explain how I felt is that I felt my heart sink into my chest. I felt sorrow, anger (at the docs as you all know), scared, and I wasn’t sure what to say or do. I just knew I was there for her and my brother as I always had been, and that I was there when she needed me the most. I gave her the biggest hug in the world and didn’t want to let go till it was all over.

Since that day I feel my biggest purpose has been to be here for Roz and my family. I have bonded with my nephew and it has been more amazing than I dreamed it to be. One time I stayed at Neil and Roz’s to help out with Jake, she used her own term of “Roz-sitting”. I laughed at the time, not quite sure what to make of it. I haven’t “roz-sat” in the slightest. She has been so strong, braver than she admits, and I admire her for being herself and keeping positive. If she wasn’t in that state of mind herself, none of us would be, so we all need to thank her.

I won’t lie, I do get upset sometimes. But, immediately I think about how strong we have all been and all of a sudden I’m positive and thinking about times ahead, daydreaming about Race For Life and alsorts! Race For Life is a fantastic idea. For us, it has brought everyone together, even old school friends of Roz’s and I feel priviledged to be taking part with them!

I am doing something a little extra for Roz. You have all met Roz’s new friend – Shasta – and although my cut will never be as glam as that, I am cutting my long brunette frizzy locks (or should I say rats tails these days) off! The bravest I can be is to have it cut as a bob. Please visit my sponsor page to help me help Roz:
Thanks 🙂 xxx


6 responses to “Chrissy Barnwell – Come on Down!

  • hjsmummy

    iits nice to read how ur sister feels, goin through this with you. Shes right, none of us could b strong for you if you wasnt strong already. You help us help you. Love you always pretty girl x

  • Helen

    Chrissy Barnwell…you are also amazing :o) what you are doing for Roz and cancer research is fantastic…..I speak to Roz regularly and she cannot praise you enough for what you do… are not only a sister (in-law) but a fantastic friend to Roz almost as famtastic as I am but seeing as I am the ultimte ….pmsl lol I wish) you just keep doing what you are doing and I just know that my very strong, very brave, very beautiful and extremely amazing friend Roz will kick cancers ass big styleeeeee

  • Rach

    well done chrissy!! nicely said 🙂 my heart sank when I received your text Roz and i didnt even know what to write so i put “ok babe, im here for you” or something stupod like that…..ok?! course its not ok lol. Now every time your in chemp i think of you whilst sat at my desk & think if you can go through this, I can put up with another boring day at the office 😉 lol. Well done roz & chrissy xxx

  • Sarah

    You are both wonderful people….. Roz for being matter of fact and just dealing with it (even if it’s not always easy) and Chrissy for being a fab sister (in-law). You have a better relationship than me and my blood sister have and who knows who would be my support if I was in the situation. Great news today, everything crossed you’re on the up xxxx

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