The One with the PET Scan Results

Yesterday was my PET scan. This time I remembered to bring a few CD’s, and actually managed to get a bit of sleep whilst waiting to be taken to the scanning room. It really is a dull few hours. Once again, I wasn’t allowed near pregnant women or under 16’s for 8 hours afterwards, so I stayed over at Nick’s house again.

Today was results day.

I was all ready for it being postive news from my x-ray last week, so I wasn’t too surprised when after looking at my scan, it showed that the massive tumour in my chest/lung has gone, and the bright orange glow on my scan has reduced to a tiny bit of pink, which means there are hardly any active cancer cells left. YAY!! Bye bye cancer!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am chuffed to little mint balls about this news. The treatment is working and Fiona is really pleased with how I’ve responded to ABVD. We don’t need to think about switching to a different type of chemo and that’s all great. I just feel like it’s all a bit of an anticlimax.

However, on my last PET scan, there was a little hotspot showing on my thyroid, which at first they thought may have been linked to my lymphoma, and if it was, then the ABVD would hopefully sort it out. Looking at the scan today though, showed that it was still there and hadn’t changed since last time, which means that it’s probably not related to the lymphoma, and more than likely not cancerous (but where have we heard that before?!) but she is going to refer me to have an ultrasound on that, and then maybe a biopsy so they can see what it is and whether it needs treating. It also probably means a referral to someone else who deals with thyroids.

Just when I though all of the tests and diagnoses was over….


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