Guest Post 2!

My next volunteer for a guest post, is the lovely Alison….


To blog, or not too blog?

When I saw a note on good old facebook asking if anyone would like to write a guest blog my first thought was “Yes, I will, I’d love to”, swiftly followed by “wait I’ve never actually met this person, I’ve only ever spoken to them online, would it just be weird if I offered?” So after quite a lot of umming and ahhing I decided to offer myself up (obviously as I’m sat here taking the opportunity to write this while my monkey is having a nap), figuring that seeing as it was for an online record of the journey, and my only link was through the wonderful world of the interwebz, and that it may well be read large amounts of people who have also never met in the real world that in a way it was kind of a great idea.

When I think of the big C, unlike a lot of people (I presume) the first thing that comes into my head isn’t death, or pain, or suffering. It’s strength. I have personally known two people who have suffered with cancer, one of which was my uncle. Unfortunately he died just over a year ago. It was horrible to see, and I would never wish it upon anyone to have to see a family member go through that, especially after seeing the effect it had on my dad to lose his only brother, and my nan to lose her youngest child. However in my mind I like to think that his suffering was not the usual way. I instead like to focus on the other person that i know who has had cancer, the lovely, courageous, talented and amazing Rachel Bennet. Now Rei has been a good friend of mine for a while, and has had the misfortune of suffering through treatment for cervical cancer (more than once if I believe correctly, as I didn’t really know her while she was going through it all). Since her recovery she has become the queen of cervical cancer awareness, been on tv, met a lot of influential people and generally been awesome (this is the first thing that comes up if you google her lol). She is an awesome friend and has done huge amounts for cervical cancer awareness and smear testing. But enough about that, back to the point.

So as previously mentioned my only link to the lovely Mrs Zibee is through the internet (namely what I frequently describe as my pregnant lady forum). So I remember back when all of this first started as there were many a post about weird pains and such, and obviously many replies from everyone full of sympathy, never in a million years did I expect to find out that it was caused by cancer! I can still remember the total feeling of shock when I got a text explaining what was going on, my first thought was to let a couple of other people from our mummy forum know as I knew they would want to pass on their best wishes (just proves how valuable she’s been to us over our pregnancies and since having our kids as it was just seconds after sending a message to one person that I had a response asking me to pass on their love).

Since finding out there hasnt been a day when I haven’t noticed how strong Roz has been about this, and how she never actually complains and there is never any self pity. This is such an admirable thing, and I dont think if it was me I would be able to do the same thing. So I’m pretty sure that Roz is in the awesomely strong kicking cancers ass category. And I just hope that she realises it, and also realises how many people (whether we know her in person or not) are here for anything (Criminal minds dvds & custard creams come to mind) that she might need, and how we all know that she is totally gonna make this hideous disease her bitch!

So I’m gonna shut up now, as I don’t think that there is really much of interest in this lol, but I want to end by repeating myself…

You are totally going to make cancer your bitch, and there are more people than you will ever realise who are here for anything you need from us.



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