Halfway Through Chemo

Yesterday I broke the back of chemo. I reached my halfway point, in that I have had six treatments, and have six more to go. My best friend, Nick came with me yesterday, and it made such a difference. I’ve had someone with me on three of the six treatments (well, three and a half if you count last time – I was in such a state I asked Neil to come and pick me up early and sit with me for a while!) and it really does make such a difference. Yesterday was probably a worse experience than my last chemo –  running an hour late, three attempts to get a cannula in, and very nearly vomiting after my steroid injection, but because I had someone there it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time.  I have six left, and have already got people to come and sit with me for four of them, with Neil coming to the last one (where I shall bring brownies for the staff – but not the ones who can’t cannulate me!!)

I still have hair, although it’s looking quite thin and I’m starting to feel a bit self conscious about it. I’d normally have it cut now, but I don’t see the point if it’s coming out anyway.

On a positive note, I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Friday night I was at the Glee Club in Birmingham with some friends, so we had a good laugh, and the best bit was, I had my first alcoholic drink since last year and……I got absolutely no alcohol pain with it. I left it at the one, but  it was good! A yummy malibu and pineapple. The next step is to attempt a glass of wine, which is quite nerve wrecking as it was after drinking wine last time that I got the  alcohol pain.

Saturday night, I went to see Dancing on Ice at the LG Arena, and it was fantastic. I am definitely going again next year!

OK, so I kind of feel like the blog is drying up a little bit, which leads me to believe you’re all a bit bored of it. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to write about or things you’d like to know? I’m open to suggestion. Also, don’t forget you can ask me a question here.


3 responses to “Halfway Through Chemo

  • Cara

    Roz you are bloody brilliant, such a fine example as to how people should approach coping with all this, i’ve not seen you for years but am immensely proud of you, as i’m sure all your close friends and reliatives are too.
    It might be that they don’t mention stuff to do with all this, to in some way protect you, try to keep the horrid stuff to a minimum, i don’t know, i’m no expert, just a thought.
    If you are stuck for things to write i wanna know all the gorey things, and what you see and feel when you are being pumped full of all the zappers, that is if you feel it will help purge your system of whatever it needs to.
    Hope all of that was understandable??? x

  • Darryl

    You keep blogging! I’m not bored, and I like keeping up-to-date. I’ve like reading other peoples post to see how this is affecting them – it’s good to see another perspective.

    Keep up the fight!

    d x

  • harryjsmummy

    how is it possible for your blogs to dry up !! crazy girl…. if anything youve always got way too much to say, shutting you up is a god send !! haha love you really gorgeous girl…… im so happy that your half way through this rubbish….. ill be even happier once its all over with but right now ill settle for half way through !! and ya kno summit… great choice on the alcoholid beverage….. how very essex of you. I LOVE IT !! make me love you that lickle bit more….. now dont u even think of stopping blogging…….. i love ready whatever you have to say…. love u forever n always my love….. me x

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