I’m Back!

I was going to title this post “I’m Still Alive” and then thought that might be in bad taste given my medical condition!

So anyway. Sorry it’s been so long, but there hasn’t been anything interesting to write about so didn’t want to bore you all.

I’ve had quite a good week this week, even if it was chemo yesterday. Tuesday was a good day. I had a clinic appointment in the morning, which generally consists of being weighed, having bloods taken, and then seeing my consultant. The only bad thing about all that, was the fact that she told me she leaves at the end of this month. I am absolutely gutted. I was so pleased when I had such a nice consultant, after all, I’m going to be seen for the next 5 years on a regular basis, so to have a consultant that you get on with is a good thing. I’ve only ever seen one other consultant there, and I do really like him too, and another consultant from there was a speaker at the lymphoma support group I went to Tuesday evening, so I’d be OK if I saw her too. Still, I am going to miss Fiona.

What else? Urm, I’m still waiting for my appointment for my ultrasound on my thyroid. They have decided to so an ultrasound and fine needle biopsy on it at the same time to see what’s going on. Now, I’ve done my research, and more 99% of thyroid nodules are  NOT cancerous, and then chances of having two different types of cancer at the same time are very low.

Tuesday afternoon was my Look Good Feel Better workshop. It basically consisted of a few hours of playing with skincare products and make up, and I came away with bag full of goodies.  I also met a lovely lady called Rachel, and it was nice to talk to someone going through a similar experience.

Tuesday evening was a Lymphoma support group run by the Lymphoma Association. They are run every other month in Sutton Colfield and they usually have a guest speaker. My friend Anj came with me – THANK YOU!! This week was a consultant haematilogist from the hametology centre I go to, and she was talking about transplation which was really interesting. Did you know, that when they do a bone marrow test, they only need about 3 ml of marrow, but if they are doing a transplant, they need a litre!! I can’t even begin to imagine how painful that would be, based on how much pain I was in during the bone marrow test. I would have rather given birth again!

I have also been told about a charity called the Willow Foundation. They basically organise “Special Days” for seriously ill 16-40 year olds. You can choose the special day you want to do, it can be anything from weekend at a cookery school, to a football match, or a trip to Center Parcs. I posted my application off yesterday, so we’ll have to see what comes of it.

Chemo number 7 was yesterday. So only 5 more to go!


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