Four Treatments to Go!

Apologies for the gap between updates. Again, nothing overly exciting to report. Chemo is chemo. I now have just four treatments left. Sometimes I find myself thinking “Four isn’t that many” and others I’m “FFS, another four? Really?!?!”

I’m not sure if each treatment is getting harder or if I’m just getting more and more fed up with them. I need a sick bowl now whenever I have my steroid injection. I’ve never actually had to use it, but I can guarantee, the time I don’t have one will be the time I need to use it. Also, my veins are shot, so they can never get a needle in first time, last time they managed after two attempts, which was actually quite good. It’s usually three. So for the most part, I’m covered in bruises and resemble a druggie.

Tomorrow is my thyroid ultrasound and biopsy.  I’m trying not to worry about it, and keep telling myself it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve done some research and apparently the chances of having two different types of cancer at the same time are very rare, and more than 99% of abnormalities with your thyroid aren’t cancerous. So this time, the odds are in my favour.

We have booked a holiday for October. Neil and I will be going to Nissi Beach in Cyprus. Notice how I say Neil and I, rather than Neil, Jake and I? Jake will be having a holiday of his own at his Nanny and Granddad’s house. I am so looking forward to this holiday! It can’t come quickly enough!!


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