Race for Life Beckons

I can’t believe how quickly Race for Life has come round. It doesn’t seem like that long ago since I put a request out to my friends on Facebook to join me, and all of a sudden, it’s this Sunday.

I have to say, the nerves are starting to kick in about Sunday. I’ve never been fit, not really, but before the hodge rudely invaded my life, I was on a bit of a “lose the baby flab” mission, and joined a gym, and was managing to do my workouts without having a coronary. However, since the invasion, the damage caused to my phrenic nerve resulting in my diaphragm squashing my right lung, plus the horrible drug that is Bleomycin means that these days I struggle to go upstairs without getting out of breath. My only aim for Sunday is to complete it, even if I am the last one to finish.

I am also worried I’m going to get emotional. I’ve not really had many “Sh!t, I’ve got cancer” moments, but seeing my name on other peoples back signs, and knowing that people are there supporting me, might make it hit home a little bit more.

Can I also just take this opportunity to say thank you? Thank you to everyone that is joining me on Sunday and travelling to do so, thank you to those with my name on their back, and thank you to everyone that has sponsored me. You will never understand how much it means.


One response to “Race for Life Beckons

  • mummy2hobnob

    Love You, You Fighter You 😛 You make me proud to be your friend each and every day. Sorry I cant be there to race with you, but I’ll be cheering you on in spirit 🙂 Even if you are last it doesnt matter, “it’s the taking part that counts” 😉 Go Kick Some Ass! xx

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