I’m in Hospital

And about to be moved to ITU. I came in Monday morning with a temperature of 38.8. I felt fine though. I was put on some IV antibiotics and given paracetamol to bring my temp down. They sent me home 9 hours later and I totally don’t blame them. My temp was normal again, and I felt fine, all my bloods were normal, so there was no reason not to.

Yesterday morning I woke with the worlds worst headache, so I came back in. I’ve had blood test, a CT scan and various other things done to me. The long and the short of it is that they suspect PCP which is a type of pneumonia. I’ve had a blood test, but results won’t be back for a few days as they have to go to Manchester.

I’m not even allowed to walk to the loo, I have to be taken in a wheelchair because my breathing is so bad and I’m on oxygen.

Just wanted to give you an update, will ask Neil to go into more detail later.

Thank you all for your facebook comments, text messages etc xx


One response to “I’m in Hospital

  • Denise Celeste

    Hun, I am so sorry to hear this 😦 Fingers and toes crossed for you that you wont have to go to ITU and that things are improving from hereon. Thinking of you. xx

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