Four Years Ago…

….today, Neil and I said “I do” in the Dominican Republic.

To say we’ve had an interesting few years is a bit of an understatement. You’d think that two knee operations, a miscarriage, a horrible boss, followed by a redundancy (hmmm, horrible boss, redundancy, go figure!) would be enough, but no, on top of that cancer, (suspected) pneumonia and a stay in ITU has also come to test us.

It hasn’t always been easy. Just like anyone else, we have days that we want to kill each other, but I think we’ve had enough stress to justify that!

We both agree that having Jake is by far the best thing either of us have done. He certainly keeps us both positive and makes life more interesting!!

Neil has handled the whole cancer thing very well. He’s adapted it into the new normal. Going for chemo and clinic appointments is the new normal. When it’s all over, that will be normal. He’s never let me see him upset, and although he’s sympathetic when I feel rubbish, he doesn’t let me wallow too much either.

We’ve never been the soppy type, we don’t declare our love for each other on Facebook, or anything like that, it’s just not our style, but it doesn’t make what we have any less real. This is about as soppy as it gets. So, Happy Anniversary, and lets hope the next four years aren’t as eventful!!


2 responses to “Four Years Ago…

  • harryjsmummy

    your so lucky to have each other…… ❤

    i wanna neil too !! lol xx

    love you both and your beautiful boy !! happy anniversary x

  • Chrissy

    I’m not too soppy either, at least I hope, but 4 years ago today I gained the best sister-in-law I could ever have wished for! You are my sister and one of my best friends, you’ve done more for me than you know! Happy Anniversary, ” oh, oh, oh, oheyyoh, cho-co-late cho-co-late” 😀 xxxxx

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