Feel the Love

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since February this year, it’s the people that care. There are lots of different categories of friends and family. Here are the six I can think of:

  • Family that care
  • Family that don’t
  • Supportive friends and family
  • Friends that disappear
  • Friends that reappear and that are supportive
  • Friends that reappear to find out if you’re falling apart, and then disappear again

I count myself as fortunate to have lots in the supportive and caring categories and just a few in the others. The amount of help we have received from people has been unbelievable. People that have come to look after me and Jake on my poorly days or clinic appointments (Christine, Cary, my parents, Neil’s grandparents), or had Jake while I’ve been at chemo (my lovely father in law) or come to chemo with me to make it more bearable (Neil, Nick, Lisa, Angela, Christine, Wendy), those that have visited me in hospital (so many people that I can’t name!!), all of my lovely friends and family who did Race for Life with me.

But it goes deeper than that. That makes it sound like it’s only people who live close enough to visit or help are the only ones that are supportive, but it’s not. There are people that I haven’t seen since my diagnosis that have been just as supportive in different ways. The ones that sent flowers, scarves, messages, cards, texts, phone calls, organising a yummy mummy weekend away for when it’s all over, doing a Race for Life with my name on their back, running a half marathon for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Each and every one of those things means just as much!

To those of you that have been there, thank you. If it wasn’t for  you guys, this would be so much harder.

To those of you that don’t care, and haven’t bothered, I’m doing just fine and don’t need you anyway!


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