Thyroid Update

So today was my thyroid follow up appointment. They’ve decided that they are going to operate, and it should be in a few months time. I told them about our holiday, and they said not to worry and that it wouldn’t be  before then. I asked the guy today what my biopsy results actually were, because one of the haematologists just told me it was inconclusive and was a bit fluffy with the information he gave me.

Basically it works like this:

They work on a scale on 1 – 5. 1 means that they have no idea, 2 is definitely benign, 3 is probably benign, 4 is probably malignant, and 5 is definitely malignant. I’m a 3. So there is a 70% chance that it is benign, so that has helped put my mind at rest. If it is malignant, then it will probably be treated with radio iodine (not really sure what that is, but will research it a bit more) and in the consultants words “I’m sure we can cure you.”

I was also posed with a choice. If it is malignant, they will want to remove the whole thyroid gland. However this will mean another op as they won’t know if it’s malignant or not until they have tested it. So the choice was I could opt to have the whole thyroid gland removed when they do my op, or just the half and see what happens. I was told to go away and have a think about it. My instinct (and Neil’s) is to go with just having the half of it remvoed seeing as the odds are in my favour.

I also had to have a camera up my nose to check my vocal cords. That was an interesting sensation!

I have a haematology appointment tomorrow in which I hopefully get a final answer as to when my scan will be. Watch this space…


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