Fight Like a Girl

I am really quite honoured to have been asked to be a Power Team writer for the Fight Like a Girl Club. Their mission is to: “to provide a loving, safe, and nurturing environment where women battling cancer and other life-limiting diseases, survivors, and loved ones can come together to share stories, experiences, advice, encouragement, and hope with one another. Men are warmly welcomed, as well.”

I have already posted my first blog there which you can read here. They have quite a big readership there, so to be accepted is a really big deal for me.

I’m sure some people are of the opinion that I should have kept a dignified silence throughout my “journey” (I actually hate that phrase!) and should not have posted so many personal things on this blog. I don’t think I’ve been that personal though, after all, I didn’t tell you when my periods came back (YAY!! I never thought I’d be pleased about that!). In fact, if you want really honest blogging, I suggest you take a visit to the lovely Lisa Lynch’s blog. I wish I had the confidence to write like she does! I think she’s fab!

The main reason for me keeping this blog was to help other people that might have just started their treatment. Part of the reason was to keep friends and family updated of my progress, and part of it was for purely selfish reasons in that I could look back over my time and, not necessarily look back to remember the bad times, but to remember how much I’ve achieved.

So yes, I could have kept a dignified silence, but I didn’t, and that makes me proud of myself. It might not make you proud of me, you might be disappointed that I didn’t handle it like you did/would, but you know what? I don’t actually care. I’ve handled this in my own way and I’m pretty sure I’ve handled it well, fighting like a girl all the way!


3 responses to “Fight Like a Girl

  • Amy

    You are a Star, and no one can tell you how you should or shouldnt deal with the stuff you have been through. If writing it down and venting helps you to fight then thats exactly what you should do and your words encourage and strengthen so many people.

    Screw the people who “pretend” to care when it suits them and concentrate on the people who love you through thick and thin. xx

  • Vesna Davis

    Keep writing as you have been! Forget what others may think or say. I can personally state that your blogs have given me the inspiration and courage to fight my battle with Hodgkin’s disease. Your words of wisdom, sense of humor and insight show that cancer is no reason to stop living! God bless you!


  • Claire Dearman

    YOU ARE FABULOUS – you are 100% right to be porund of both your fight and talking about it with honesty – i a thrilled you are in remission anD very very glad for u neil and jake that you FOUGHT LIKE A GIRL XXX

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