Guest Post #4

My lovely friend Amy has written a guest post (which actually made me cry!!)

My Friend Roz.

I asked Roz if I could write a guest post on her blog as I have been an avid reader of it since February, Roz is one of my Best friends and has been for many years (with a little gap in between where we lost contact for a bit) She was my Chief Bridesmaid at my Wedding in 2008 (I should have made her Maid of Honour but Family duties and so on…) She has always made me laugh, been there for me when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on and someone sensible to ask for advice. She is a friend for life.

I remember the day before she found out she had cancer, I spoke to her on the phone and told her everything would be fine that there was no way she would have cancer and that she is too young and too healthy to have such a disease. She said she knew she had it. I said not to be silly, it couldn’t be.
How wrong was I, I apologise to you Roz if I gave you false hope, I was purely trying to stay positive.

I have felt at times useless, I live a distance away and have a baby daughter who takes up most of my time, which I know Roz understands being a parent herself. I sent Roz some flowers when she told me the news, I didn’t really know what else I could do to help, how do you help someone who is helpless at that moment in time themselves?

Roz’s journey has given me strength, I have had illness over the years but never something so serious as cancer, My mum passed away from a Brain Tumour in 2001 and seeing someone you love so much go through all the pain of treatment and it not get anywhere was heartbreaking., I didn’t want Neil or Jake or any of Roz’s friends and family to have to go through that.

I hoped that Roz would beat it, I knew that Roz would beat it.

You see Roz has always been in my eyes – Strong, Determined, Caring and Honest. She may not feel like that herself at times, but that is what I see. I knew Cancer didn’t have a chance, I knew that she would Whoop its ass J

I’d like to say a HUGE Thank You to those near to Roz for the support you gave her, the support I wished I could have helped with, The chemo trips, the scans, the blood tests, the doctor and hospital appointments, the being a physical shoulder to cry on.
Thank you Neil for supporting her through thick and thin and being Roz’s Rock and Thank you Jake for being so gorgeous and brightening your Mummy’s days with smiles.

Thank you Roz for writing this Blog and using it as a way to make people more aware about cancer and specifically Hodgkin’s, also because it means we can all travel your journey with you and understand your feelings and thoughts that we probably wouldn’t be able to understand otherwise.

I saw Roz last week for the first time since she got Cancer, we had a hug, we had a cry, we had a chat about the test results that were yet to be revealed, I refrained from saying “it will be ok” I didn’t want to jinx anything.

Roz is now in Remission, (YAY!) she still has to deal with her thyroid problems, and will forever be on edge in case the cancer makes a return visit, but I hope she knows that Myself, My Husband and even my Baby Daughter are always here for her, at the other end of the phone, a text, a face book message, a 4 and a half hour car journey away.

I am SO proud of you Roz, I Love You, Thank you for being my Beautiful Friend. xxx


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