The Thyroid Surgery – Includes a Nasty Pic!

I am home from hospital. I didn’t have to discharge myself, they were more than happy to let me go!

I arrived at the hospital at 7.30am yesterday. Neil dropped me off while he and Jake parked up. Then it worked out that he wasn’t allowed onto the admissions bay with Jake, but no one had told us. He sat waiting outside for me so I could at least say goodbye, but no one told me he was waiting. I had to ask if he was there. About 15 minutes after I found them and said goodbye, a nurse came and told me he was waiting.

I got taken to surgery about 12 noon, and woke up in recovery around 2.45pm. I didn’t feel particularly sore, just very sick. They gave me some anti sickness and that worked pretty quickly. I got taken to my room (I had a room of my own!) and spent most of the afternoon in and out of sleep. No one brought me my overnight bag though, so I couldn’t let Neil know I was ok. He had to phone the ward, but no one was answering, so in the end, he just left the phone ringing for 5 minutes until someone picked up.

When Neil came to see me, he managed to get hold of my overnight bag, eventually, no one seemed very willing to help.

My scar is bigger than I thought it would be, and I currently have staples holding it together. I had my drain and half of the staples taken out today, and the district nurse is coming tomorrow to take the rest of them out and then I will have steri strips. Now for a pic!

I have a follow up appointment, but it’s not until December 15th, so I have a long wait ahead of me. Seems that even it is malignant, they aren’t too fussed, because it’s easily treatable. So I guess we wait and see!


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