The Good Cancer? Really?

I write this post feeling quite saddened and humbled.

I am a member of an online lymphoma forum. In this week alone, I’ve read about two men who lost their battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A guy called Brian, who was 37, and left his wife and two children, and a guy called Mike was was 33. I’ve never met any of the people on this forum, and I probably never will, but you do feel a sense of closeness to these people that have been through, or that are going through what you have.

Yes, in most cases, the Hodge is curable, but it isn’t always, and it’s easy to forget that. It’s still cancer, it still takes lives. That can never be good. I read about those cases, and it makes me feel extremely fortunate that my treatment worked, but I feel so sorry for the ones that it didn’t work for and the families they leave behind, for the children that don’t understand where their daddy has gone, for the mum who has to bury her son.

Tell me: How exactly is it the good cancer?


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