Encouragement Needed

People who have been reading this blog for a while will know I’ve had a few attempts at the whole weight loss thing whilst undergoing treatment etc. Believe it or not, pre-pregnancy, I was actually a lovely size 10 (sometimes even an 8 if it was a generous cut!!). Now, I’m nowhere near. The toll pregnancy, followed by chemo, steroids, and generally slumming around for 6 months has taken has not been kind.

Now, chemo is over, I’m getting my life back, but I absolutely hate with a passion what it has done to my body. Now, there are some that I can’t do anything about, such as the scars on my legs from the Hodgkin’s itch, or the scars on my arms from Jake’s bites, that are now a lovely dark tan colour, in comparison to the rest of my body (none of which I can seem to get a decent picture of!)

However, what I can try to do something about is the weight. I joined a gym just after I came back from holiday, and have been going at least twice a week, and tomorrow, my friend and I are starting the whole healthy eating thing together.

What I need though is a little Encouragement, not Discouragement. From the consultant telling me to take it easy at the gym because I’m not “back to normal” yet, or people telling me I should wait until after Christmas before I start, it would be quite easy for me to just not bother. But I need to.

So when I say “I’m starting Slimming World tomorrow” or “I’ve joined a gym” replies of “That’s great, well done you!” or equivalent would be much appreciated. Don’t tell me I look great as I am, or that I don’t need to, because I know you will be lying!!


5 responses to “Encouragement Needed

  • anne churchill

    Go for it Roz, it’s a buggar getting started, but once the weight starts to come off that’s a huge incentive,also at your age, your hormones will be working with you,not against you ( as in my case!!!!)I am going to the gym,but I have to force myself and the weight hasn’t started to shift,which really bugs me, as in the past I have had no problems with my weight,so…..go on…lose the weight now while you have the added advantage of youth. You know yourself if you need to lose weight, people who say you look fine are being kind, many people say it to me, but i’m a lardass,I know it and there’s no getting away from it!!! lol 🙂 Take care Roz and the very best of luck xx Hope this helps a bit!!

  • Susan Mann

    Go for it. Good luck. You can follow my weight loss progress on my blog I’m doing the MuTu System if you want a look. x

  • Kirsten

    Good for you! I have never seen you, so no idea how you look, but the important thing is not how others see you (I’m sure they really do think you are beautiful as you are) but how you feel about yourself. I put on a lot of weight when my children were small, but at some point had enough and decided to pull myself together, so spent a whole year gradually losing the weight, and started running. That was 7 or 8 years ago and I have never put on the weight again (I am a size 8) and have run 2 marathons since. As you probably know I have continued to run and go to the gym throughout chemo and no also radiotherapy, so don’t believe anyone who says you aren’t ready to push yourself physically – it definately won’t do you any harm. So I am behind you 100%! Set yourself some goals and go for it – and don’t forget to celebrate your successes as they come. xxxx

  • marketingtomilk

    I was thinking today that i don’t get the whole “new year new you” thing – if it’s the right timne for you, it’s the right time. Go for it!


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