We’ve Been Ill :-(

Jake and I have been poorly this week with some kind of viral infection. It feels like we have been living at the GP’s and the Walk in Centre. Jake’s temperature has been up to 39.8 and he’s not been well at all. I’ve felt so sorry for him. You just feel so helpless when there isn’t anything you can do.

My lovely friend Amy and I went to the Good Food Show at the NEC on Saturday. We had a brilliant time. I never realised just how much I loved cheese until we got there. I had to stop at every cheese stall to sample some! I did eventually buy some, but only after I made sure that I’d chosen the right ones!

I have been in a bad mood today, I found some stuff out that made me very, very angry, and although I’m still angry, I’m a bit calmer now. Until Neil gets home, and I tell him all about it and get myself riled up again, anyway!

But….what put me in a better mood was the fact that today was my first weigh in (technically two days early, because we joined on Thursday, and it’s only Tuesday) and I stepped on the scales to see that I’ve lost…

…wait for it…


So pleased, although I’m convinced it’s just a fluke. We are away next week, so no doubt I shall put it all back on again then anyway!

But YAY!!


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