Dear So and So…

I never usually participate in these meme’s, however this week, there is a particular someone I wish to address…


Dear Cancer Fairy,

Hi! We haven’t been formally introduced, however, you seem to have a problem with me and I’d quite like to know why. I was quite happily living my life, minding my own business, and you felt it necessary to invade me and put my life at risk.

I endured an operation for my biopsy, six months of chemotherapy, a stay in hospital with pneumonia (which included a nasty stay in intensive care), however, I kicked your butt!

If that wasn’t enough, that spot on my thyroid? Well, for some reason, you decided that that spot should be malignant. You’re too kind!

I now have to take tablets for the rest of my life, and have to go under the knife once more. Not only that, if I need the radio iodine treatment, I’m not allowed to be around my son for a week or two.

So, Cancer Fairy, you may have come into my life two times now, but  you won’t beat me. I’m stronger than you. No one wants you around, so why don’t  you go away, and shut the door behind you.

Many Thanks


Dear So and So...


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