Thyroid Op – Take 2

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but we’ve had a busy few weeks, plus I haven’t really had anything exciting to tell you.

I keep forgetting to take my thyroxine. So far, I’m managing to remember about every other day! Need to fix that before I have my operation.

Weight wise: I lost 6lbs before Christmas, and then put half a pound on over Christmas. I wasn’t even trying. It was too hard, we were out and about a lot and it’s hard to stick to plan. So I was pleasantly surprised when I only put half on! Back to it properly now though.

We have ordered a lovely new sofa. It was supposed to take 3 weeks for delivery. We ordered it on Monday (3rd Jan), and it’s being delivered next Monday (10th Jan). You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to figure out that it’s a lot sooner than 3 weeks! I am now currently sat waiting for someone to come and collect our old sofa (I advertised it on netmums), but they are 50 minutes late.

We are contemplating getting a 4×4. The recent snow had Neil getting his boy scout head on, and he doesn’t want to be caught out in the snow again. I like the idea of one, I just don’t like the cost implications of one.

I had a phone call yesterday from my ENT consultants secretary. Apparently, she had a cancellation and wanted to give me first refusal. Apparently the waiting list is a few months long, so I could take the cancellation, or stay at the bottom of the list. I took the cancellation, so I am having my operation on 14th January, next Friday. It doesn’t give us a huge amount of time to sort a plan out, but we can. I’m just ready to get it over and done with now.


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