Guest Post 5 – The Lovely Steph xx

This next guest post is from my lovely friend Steph, another post that made me cry x

my rozzibee…. ♥

me and roz came together through the net. it seemed that wherever i wrote a thought or a feeling, she was there posting hers too. its so strange to think despite living miles apart we’ve been through so much together.

i lived through a violent and controlling relationship and everyday i had roz there. i was never alone because i had her right there with me, keeping me sane. telling me everything was going to be ok. bless her for putting up with my rants! there has been some long emails exchanged i can tell you!!

i remember when i thought i was pregnant with ella…. roz was hanging online for the test result. we were the first ones to know!

the day she told me she had lymphoma, was awful. i was in my new house with my mum. id gone into the bathroom and the text had come through and i just burst into tears. its just the cancer word. its so scary!! i came out and my mum didnt have a clue what on earth could have happened in the time it took me to walk to the bathroom and back!! i didnt want to tell her, i didnt want to say it. i just didnt want it to be true!

jake was so young, and all i could think of was the family that roz had always wanted. she finally had it. the perfect husband, the house, the car, the dogs and the baby! everything i want too. to be told you have cancer…. i just cant imagine how she felt.

i wish i was closer. i mean, could i get much further away!! its been really hard to just watch her go through all the treatment. i just wanted to be there to hold her hand and hug her. finding out that she had beat lymphoma was amazing. im so proud of this woman. then of course she told me about the thyroid cancer. i was gutted… but i can honestly say it wasnt as difficult as hearing it the first time, because roz has shown me and everyone else that shes strong enough to kick cancers ass. she will get through it, because she’s roz!

this wonderful woman, despite her own health issues is going to throw herself out of a plane in order to raise money to help other people going through what she’s been through. how amazing is that?! as soon as i saw that she had that planned, i knew straight away that that was my chance to be by her side and support her.

so roz….. one of my best friends. youve always been right there when i need you. and whatever i can do, i hope you know im right here for you too!!!

so lets strap on those parachutes and raise money for an amazing charity. for one day at least.. its me and you against the world 🙂

your a beautiful woman, a natural and amazing mother. a loving wife and one of the best friends a girl could ask for…

love you always pretty girl


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