I’m a Gleek

Before the diagnosis, but while I’d got the horrible, incessant cough, one of the things I really missed was being able to sing. If I couldn’t get through a sentence without coughing, imagine trying to belt out a few notes? It wasn’t going to happen.

I remember Glee starting on the TV and falling in love with the show (a guilty pleasure!!), and then getting the CD soundtrack that went along with it. A huge moment for me was when I was actually able to sing along. That meant the cancer was shrinking and I got my voice back! Yay!

I wish my school had a Glee Club. The school choir doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it?

I went to a recording studio a few years back and have just spent ages trying to figure out how to upload a song on here, and failed, so I shall save that for another time.

So come on, how many other closet Gleeks are there out there?


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