#CyberMummy11 – Sponsorship Opportunity


CyberMummy11 is the chance for you to get your brand infront of 450 of the UK’s most influential mummy bloggers.

CyberMummy is THE premier event for the best of mummy bloggers in the UK.  On average delegates have around 1,000 Twitter followers, presenting you with a potential pool of 450,000 new contacts.

As your Cybermummy delegate I can generate new online and offline clients as well as generating new champions for the company by promoting your products for online sponsorship and review.

Now, I know I don’t necessarily fall into your “typical” mummy blogger category. But what is a typical mum? I don’t think a typical mum has had to fight cancer twice in one year and deal with a small child at the same time.

Writing my blog throughout this has helped me immensely, and it’s allowed me to network with some fantastic mummy bloggers. I was unable to go to last years CyberMummy conference as I was too ill from chemo and I was reading everyones tweetstream feeling really jealous because I wanted to be there.

This year I will be well enough, and I can’t wait to go to CyberMummy!  The only challenge I have regarding the event is the financial one of attending, which is why I am asking for help….

I would love the opportunity to represent a brand at CyberMummy and for this I am looking for a sponsor to get me there.

I am looking for a sponsor who can provide the following:

  • Cybermummy 2011 ticket – £100
  • Travel Expenses – approx £50
  • Accommodation Expenses – approx £160

TOTAL: approximately 310

In exchange for this the sponsor would receive:

  • A button advert in the sidebar or a banner advert at the end of each post until 31st December 2011  ~ £250
  • A sponsor feature post on my blog ~ £50
  • A text link in all related CyberMummy posts in 2011 ~ £150
  • Sponsorship related tweets on Twitter inclusive of agreed hashtag ~ £150
  • I will represent your brand at the CyberMummy 11 conference, wearing any branded clothing and/or badges that you supply and spreading the word about your business in front of hundreds of other mum bloggers –  ~ £££ ?
  • Any other reasonable requests
  • This means at least £600  of advertising and exposure for around £300

I would love it if you would consider sponsoring me, it would help put a smile back on my face!

I also want to thank Ruth Douglas for her help and advice of putting my post together 🙂


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