The problem with being so open about my cancer experience, is that people automatically think it gives them the right to offer advice. There’s one little thing that is starting to grate on my nerves and that is peoples reaction to me choosing to postpone the radio iodine treatment IF I need it.

I don’t think I clarified properly my decision to postpone the radio active iodine treatment. So I shall do in this post and this is where I shall direct people when they inevitably choose to say I’ve made the wrong decision.

First and foremost, although I haven’t spoken to my consultant about this decision (I plan on doing so in my next follow up appointment), I HAVE spoken to my key-worker. He says that other people have also chosen to postpone it and that my decision would be respected.

Let’s also remember, that unless I’d had the Hodgkin’s, I might not have found out about the thyroid cancer for another 10 or 20 years, and even then, the prognosis is just as good. So by postponing the treatment for a year or 2 it’s still 8-18 years sooner than it would have been otherwise.

If they turn around and say to me that if I postpone it, I put my life at risk, then do you really think I wouldn’t have it done? I may be stubborn, but one thing I’m not is stupid. I’m perfectly aware that I have a son and husband who need me around. I haven’t gone through months of chemo to throw it all away now.

My decision is based on what I know the facts to be. I’m not saying not ever. I’m saying not now.

Since January 2010 I have spent 16 nights in hospital, two nights at a friends house because of radioactivity after scans, 12 days in hospital for chemo, as well as another 36 visits to the chemo unit in between chemos. When you add the double figures of my other hospital appointments, you can see how much I have been away from Jake, and how I’m sick of hospital.

So please don’t stand in front of me, when you haven’t had my year to deal with and tell me that I’ve made the wrong decision. Because I haven’t. I’ve made the right decision for me.

We never know how we are going to react to a situation until we are faced with it ourselves. Read what Henrietta has to say on the subject.



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