As you all know, I was very kindly invited to Crufts as a VIP guest. Well, I went on Sunday, with Jake, my mum-in-law and sister-in-law, and while we were there I met up with some other lovely mummy bloggers – Maria from Mama’s Busy World, Fi from Childcare is Fun, Liz from Me and My Shadow and Louise from Rock and Roll Baby World. We all had a lovely lunch together, and may have even partaken in a glass of wine.

I’d never been to any dog shows before, but my mum-in-law has actually qualified a dog for Crufts in the past, a German Short Haired Pointer.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous about taking Jake. He’s not been to a show at the NEC before and I thought it would be really hard work, but he was so good other than a leaky nappy or two!). He loved all of the doggies and actually thought one of them was a lion so starting doing his lion impression.

He absolutely loves our two dogs to bits, but is always nervous around other dogs, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing’ although he was getting braver towards the end of the day and was stroking the dogs in the Discover Dogs section. That was brilliant. Think of a dog, and it was there, all kinds. The ones you’d heard of, and the ones you hadn’t.

Would I go again? Most definitely. It was a brilliant day, even though my feet were aching at the end of it in spite of wearing my Merrel’s!

Thank you, Maria for organising it, we all had a lovely day xx


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