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Sorry I haven’t updated for ages. We went to Italy for a week to visit family and to go to my cousins wedding. It was the first time that Neil and Jake had been so it was nice for my family to meet MY family, if that makes sense? We were glad to get home though. I feel like I need another holiday now to get over that one!

In other news, I had my 3 month check-up for haematology yesterday. All was fine and pretty much a non-event. Will go back in another 3 months time for more of the same.

Today, though, was my thyroid post op. I went in expecting them to tell me that the other half was benign, and expecting a long complex discussion with my consultant about why I wanted to postpone the radio iodine treatment.

What actually happened though was a bit different.

The other half wasn’t benign. It was malignant, again. So both halves on my thyroid were cancerous. I was quite surprised to learn that, because I distinctly remember asking while I was in recovery whether there was a lump on that half, and there wasn’t.

However, the prof surprised me today. He is the most laid back consultant I have ever met. He reminds hubby of Pete Waterman, and I am inclined to agree. Usually, I hate his laid back approach. Any one who knows me, knows that I need to know the details. For instance, before I had even been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s, I knew all about it, prognosis, survival stats, chemo regimes etc etc. The prof doesn’t work like that, he only tells you things when they need to happen and not before. So he’s always been cagey about radio iodine and not giving much away. Always saying “possibly” and “we’ll discuss that when the time comes”.

After waiting for the most part of an hour, I was finally called through. He asked if I was there to discuss radio iodine, and I said that yes I was, as well as my last biopsy results. To which he then had to look up because he hadn’t already. When he told me it was malignant, I was expecting him to say I needed the radio iodine treatment sooner rather than later. He didn’t. He asked if we had children. He asked if we wanted more. He asked how old Neil was, then asked me the same. He then said that if I was to say to him that I wanted to put off the iodine treatment so that we can carry on with our family, that he would say ok. I said “Oh good, because that IS what I was going to say.” Apparently, the blood tests I have will tell them everything I need to know.

So that’s it. Decision made. They have changed my Thyroxine dose, and will see me again in 6 months, in which time I will hopefully have a baby on board 🙂


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