Facebook Break

I recently find myself wanting to spend less and less time on Facebook. I’m just finding it too hard at the moment. Everyone is announcing pregnancies, or births, or about going on maternity leave. It’s not that I’m not happy for these people, because I am. I’m not completely heartless. It’s just that every time I see one, it’s like a kick in the stomach. It should be me. And if it wasn’t for cancer getting in the way twice, it already would be.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks they have the right to tell me what to do. How long I should wait before we try for the next one, or that I should “enjoy Jake for 6 months first”. Surely it’s our choice?

So, I made the decision to limit my time on Facebook. If people want to see me/speak to me/keep in touch with me, there are other methods. Sometimes Facebook makes people lazy. You find yourself knowing everything about someone, so you don’t have to see them because you have nothing to catch up on. So, if  you find yourself saying to me “It feels like I haven’t seen you for ages”, chances are, you probably haven’t, so rather than say it, rectify it, unless of course the reason you want to see me is to tell me you’re pregnant, in which case, a text message is fine.


3 responses to “Facebook Break

  • Denise

    I wouldn’t take it too personal when people have an opinion about what you should do with your therapy/pregnancy/child-or-no-child/career/junkfoodorveggies… because personally I think people have opinions about everyone and everything. And when people find something worth talking about in someone elses live then they have opinions regardless or whether there was an illness involved or not. People are just nosey and like to get involved. As much as people dont want drama in their own lives, they sort of seem to be attracted to it in other people. My neighbours hate us for everything thats going on and wrong, and are constantly commenting, or sticking their bloody noses in. The amount of times she’s commented saying we shouldnt have another because OH is poorly, and that needs sorting first, or what she thinks I should do with this, and how I should tie the bloody bin handle…Its annoying and frustrating, and people should just mind their own business. I can imagine with everything you’Ve been through your tolerance for well and not so well meant advise and opinions is wearing, so is mine, but I find myself either not telling people anymore and keeping my stuff private or just telling people when I want them to butt out. I hope everything works out for you, hun. dont get too upset by other people. I know its easier said than done. x

  • henrietta pretty

    I loved this post, and you are totally entitled to feel the way you do. Let noone tell you what you “should” do. Do what is right for you and your family, and that is that.


  • Sally

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