The Day I Found Out

I did my first vlog the other day as part of “The Day I Found Out” project. I have been deliberating for 6 days as to whether to post it on my blog or not.

Here it is. I say “urm” alot. Sorry about that.

6 responses to “The Day I Found Out

  • Leonie Blows

    This reminds me how my own niggles with life have so little meaning. Thank you for telling your story. Good luck with kiddy no.2 – there *is* nothing nicer than a new baby!!

  • Jayne

    Here’s to cancer- free! Well done Roz, I’m sure many others will benefit and feel a little less alone from hearing your story. Hope that you can welcome baby#2 into the world soon, as you know I went on to have 2 children after undergoing very similar treatment.

  • marketingtomilk

    My darling Roz, i watched this from start to finish. I found I knew the whole story which surprised me, but i suppose this bloggy business is strange in that you become so close to people so quickly. Such a journey. I can relate to some of this journey as you know. The waiting, the wondering, the bizarreness, the way life carries on with pizza and all. I can’t wait to meet you and help you celebrate 2011 cancer-free.


  • Mama Syder

    Very Touching post. I admire your strength.
    A close friend of mine discovered she had bowel cancer when she was in her early thirties. She had chemo and had to have her thyroid removed. She already had three young kids so wasn’t too worried when she was told that the treatment she had, had made her infertile. Fast forward as she turned 40 last year cancer free with a brand new baby x

  • Jean Beswick

    So glad your outlook is so positive. Good luck with your ‘project’ – enjoy yourself while working through that one!

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