No, it’s STILL not Croup.

Last night, we paid our first visit to Children’s A&E. It’s one that I hope we don’t have to make again any time soon.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter, or are friends on Facebook will know that Jake has had a cough pretty much constantly since he was about 8 months old. I remember, because it was the day of my operation.

His last bout of it has lasted about 6 weeks and we have been to and from the doctors about 4 times. Yesterday morning was one of those times. She gave him some granules to try, sprinkled over food or directly into his mouth (yeah, that’s a likely story) and has referred him to the pediatrician’s at the Children’s hospital.

He couldn’t go 30 seconds without coughing, it was constant, and he was starting to get annoyed with it, and he was struggling to breathe, using his secondary muscles rather than his chest.

At the hospital, he had a chest x-ray which shows that he’d had infection but that it was resolving, so she didn’t prescribe him anymore antibiotics, but she has prescribed steroids and has told us to persevere with the inhaler. A lot.

Today, he has had to have 8 puffs every 4 hours. Tomorrow, 6 puffs every 4 hours, the day after, 4 puffs every 4 hours, until we are down to 2 puffs.

He is fine in himself. No temperature, not miserable. He was running around soft-play this morning as if nothing was wrong.

My poor little monkey. I hope his cough goes soon, for him, as much as my sanity!

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